Disclaimer; I’m definitely not an expert in this area, this is simply a place I need to rant and pour out my own experiences, thoughts and emotions. 

I’m pro-choice. And no, that does not mean I’m pro- abortions.

I’m for women having full control over their own bodies, to make their own decisions and I trust they know what’s best for themselves; not me, not you, nor them, should make that choice for her. I’m strongly against women and men shaming other women or men for their personal choices, when it’s their body, their life. It’s not your body that’s changing, you’re not going to raise her child, you’re not going to pick up the hospital bill. I’m all for planned parenthood. I’m all for women having children when they WANT to. That means, having a child when they’re ready, they can afford it. Or to have an abortion when they’re not ready.

Women become slaves of reproduction. When women are denied, limited to, and or out of control over their own reproductive health. Our bodies suddenly does not belong to us anymore. We have to carry a baby, our bodies will change, we will miss work or school, everyone will see that you’re pregnant, it will hurt (a lot). No one should be able to make that choice for you, it’s your body and you’re the one that has to live with it.


A child should be wanted, not forced. I have mad respect for those that have it figured out, they want kids, they’re pregnant and so happy. It’s their choice to have a baby, they’re looking forward to raising a child and to have a family. Awesome. Just to put things in perspective; What if that would be something she could not chose? (I’m aware that in some cases this can happen if the child is literally killing her own mother, but that’s a whole other issue I’m not very educated on) What if she wasn’t allowed to have this child? And they would force her to have an abortion? That would be crazy, right? That’s what forcing someone to carry a child and give birth is to me, it’s fucked up. I see pro-lifers rage over abortions, calling it murder. One unborn child is not more important than a living, human soul. To protect something that’s not even born yet over the womans life is dehumanizing and it’s degrading women. It’s like telling them that their lives does not matter. When a woman is not ready to have a child, that’s a valid reason not to have one, for the rest of their lives. You’re putting a value in that child, until the child is born. After that, you’re not going to pay for that child’s food, education or healthcare, what if the mother does not have a job, or parents or help to support this child, what kind of life is that. Forcing someone to give birth and raise a child is hurting both of them. So are you really pro-life?



I’m originally from a country where abortions are legal, funded, and accessible. I moved to Oklahoma a year ago, where they have, I think, a total of two abortion clinics. People here are trying to shut down planned parenthood (whom offers a lot of help, for reproductive health, sexually transmitted diseases, birth control and abortion) This is a highly religious state and there’s so many unresolved social issues. My love goes out to those struggling with trying to get an abortion. I needed to write about this and will write more about it, it’s a very important issue and I feel like this is stepping over basic human rights. 




Everything and nothing

Well…this blog is really…active…


It’s 27 July 2016, i’m in bed in my favorite summer sweater, its 00:35 AM and everything is quiet. The heat wave has gone away and been replaced with masses of rain, we can finally breathe again. My migraine is over, but my tiredness is still here. I worked from 7:30 til 13:00 and then just spent the day hanging at work while my boss was working. The weather was warm and nice and suddenly the sky turned black and out of nowhere there came a storm which lasted 5 minutes, enough to get me soaking wet while cleaning up everything the wind had blown down and spread everywhere. I got home at 18:00, i fell asleep, slept til 21:45, had lots of weird dreams, woke up angry because i had to pee but i just wanted to continue sleeping. I got out of bed, realized that my fridge was empty and out we go. The streets where crowded, people everywhere, Bruce Springsteen had a concert in my city today! buses where bringing people home, ambulances where arriving, (alcohol you know and crowded places). My basket got filled with lactose free milk, orange juice, yogurt, cheese etc, my fridge is only pretty when it’s filled up even tho i hardly eat the food.  Now, i’m sitting in bed, drinking coca cola from those ugly metal boxes, i hate them. They make it taste weird. I’m Listening to Spotify, the autumn list even though it’s still two months left, but the music is so pretty and nothing is wrong with a head start. I want to read a book, or a magazine, but i also just want to play with my phone… I want to clean my room but I also just want to sleep, dilemmas everywhere…


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Maybe I should just sleep.


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Summer, life…Coffe..

It’s finally summer here in Norway, it is so warm it’s impossible to sleep, working gets a bit harder since the cafe is so warm but I just love all of it. The warmth, the sun, the pretty colors, the happy people, the tasty drinks, Ice tea, coffee, ice coffee, everything is just YUM!

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I swear, nothing is better than coffee, I think maybe my addiction is getting a bit stronger these days, but eh, no biggy.

What i love most on my life, is to go to a cafe, order a coffee, sit at a table, either outside or inside, and sit there and relax, most times I blog while sitting there since it gives me so much inspiration rather then when i’m blogging at home, like now, and my posts are just shit.There are so many people, different people, but yet the same, they are all there to get there daily dose of caffeine, students, workers, office people, tired parents etc. Grandparents taking their grandchildren out for soda and buns, sitting there drinking coffee while listening to the children’s fascinating stories about what happened in school or in their dreams, or telling the children about the time when they to where young, how time has changed trough the years from then to now.  A group of girls giggling and studying in the corner, different hairstyles, different outfits, different personalities but all human, sitting there drinking their coffee and socializing. I like to think that all the coffee shops in the world holds different stories about every human. Heartbreak, reunion, blind dates, gatherings, regulars,tired students, people struggling with daily life, new employees, old employees, old coffee, new coffee. And it’s so beautiful, don’t you think?

Some people think that coffee is just coffee, but seriously coffee is so much more than that. Coffee sort of brings us all together. When i go to meet my dad we usually go for a cup of coffee, my friends, we are all addicted to coffee, at family gathers I always get the message “Remember the coffee! it wont be the same without you know <3″. As for me, I usually need coffee to even be able to communicate with others when i get up. My best friend told me that every time I slept over, I would always wake up confused, i would sit there and trying to remember how one is supposes to eat food, she could ask me questions and I would just look at her like ” are you crazy, trying to talk to me now? i don’t even know where i am” and she would laugh, hand me a cup of coffee and sit there quiet til I woke up and managed to actually behave like a human being. So yes. Coffee is much important. And no one can tell me otherwise.

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8 things i’ve learned about life

So I’ve lived on this earth for 21 years now, I’ve made a lot of mistakes ( I like to think I have indeed learned from them) and I have experienced triumph! Over the last couple of days I looked back at some things that I wished I knew earlier, maybe some of this wisdom can help a fellow twenty-something. So let’s get right in to it!

1. Always embrace your own uniqueness


I know everyone tells us to be who we are, but it’s easy to forget sometimes. Embrace your quirks because that’s what makes you, YOU. It’s a terrible feeling not to fit in, or be like everyone else, but remember you are awesome just the way you are, don’t let anyone take that away from you.

2.Have fun


Wake up and dance to your favorite song, you don’t need a reason. You don’t need to wait for a party or christmas, allow yourself fun and smile!

3. Never forget your dreams


Life does become stressful and we naturally start going into auto-pilot mode. Remember what you wanted to be, remember where you wanted to go and do it.

4.Never cut your bangs while half asleep or drunk


What? I’ve never done that. It was a friend..

5. Relationships comes and goes but friends are for life


It’s easy to forget or not make enough time for your friends while you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, but set aside time for them, some of the greatest relationship you’ll ever have is with your friends.

6.Eat before you do something important


Seriously. This is a my new motto and I really like it. When I don’t eat before making a decision or have to do something important, it usually does not end very well.

7. Don’t dwell about your past


Things happen. You made mistakes. Someone else did. It’s important to move on from pain in the past and process it, but don’t let it make you miserable or exhausted.

8.This is your life, you are in control


Do what feels right for you, do what makes you happy. Some people will always be judgemental. At the end of the day, the only judgement that matters, is yours.



When life literally feels like a rollercoaster.

These days my life literally feels like a roller coaster. I finally got a job and I am so happy for that, at the same time I got my heartbroken by the person I love, for the second time, or third time, and I hope this was the last time. I feel bored and busy at the same time, alone, not alone. So many feelings at the same time, i don’t get it. I feel so happy and so sad. Thankfully I know the pain will go over, I will get over him and I will move on and I’m so looking forward to it. I’m focusing on my job, saving up money for my own apartment (i live with roommates now). I am saving up money so I can go visit Ida in Oklahoma. I think that this year might finally be my year! My new job is as a Barista at Dromedar coffeshop in Trondheim. It’s the most amazing place and i love working there, and i am learning so much about coffee, which i think some people will hate me for because now i constantly talk about coffee, hehe. Coffee in my ❤

So since i am now finally have a salary, I’m a looking at stuff to buy (I love buying stuff)



Aaah I love all these so much! ❤

And while i’m looking forward to being able to buy them I’m waiting for this cutie to arrive


can’t wait!


Lately I haven’t been feeling quite like myself. Im tired all the time, I go trough the day on autopilot, just waiting for the time when I can go back to bed again. I realized a few days ago that a big part of feeling like yourself is to take care of yourself, feeling happy about yourself and who you are. Now, this can be really difficult, and it is impossible to feel happy about yourself everyday, we will always have those down days we’re we just feel like shit, and that is normal and OK. But to make those days + everyday feel just a tiny bit better, I went crazy at lush (for me, a few products is crazy since I don’t have a job yet and therefor is broke).

What the hell is lush?! You might think, is it a slushie, a weird word for sushi? Or what. Now I expected everyone to know about lush since it is everywhere, almost all beauty youtubers and vloggers talks about lush. Because lush is amazing, of course.

Since i am to tired to write about everything about lush and how amazing they are you can watch this:

Ah lush ❤ And the British dialect!

Now. My favorites so far.

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Ocean Salt: Excellent for oily skin. Peels and softens the skin and makes you feel fresh and soft.

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Mask Of Magnaminty: I can’t remember all the ingrediens, i just know it is filled with all that is good for you and your skin. This mask is my favorite. It smells delicious and if you have acne skin it is amazing for it!

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Tea Tree water: This is a face toner, I use it as a facemist as well to feel fresh trough the day. You can read about its amazingness on the photo.

2016-02-23 07.43.11 2.jpg

Toothy Tabs!: These tabs makes it so much more fun to brush your teeth! I used to hate brushing my teeth and was so lazy at doing it, but then I tried these, and now I cant wait to fresh up my mouth in the morning and evening (sometimes i do it 3 times a day, shhh). This one is minty fresh, but you can buy so many other flavors. And I suggest that you do it ASAP.

I am not paid to write about this. I don’t even think LUSH knows about me. I just wanted to tell you all about this amazing skin care brand. Because they are 100% clean, vegan and yummy (not yummy in the eating way, it’s soap, don’t eat it unless it says you can eat it)

Hope you try and hope you love it as much as me, or more, just dont end up to broke to buy food.

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Days are ticking by but I’m standing still


My days consists of reading and even more reading, I can’t seem to stop being curious-but I also can’t seem to remember the interesting words I try to read. They travel from the tip of my fingers, to my eyes and then finally into my brain where the words will stay comfortable for a couple of hours or so and then eventually leave. As the days go by as leaving my hands like quicksand I can feel the fear in my body grow.


I spend most of my days in the library at campus or on the floor of my bedroom. It’s not like I’m learning nothing, but sometimes it feels like that. Never stop being curious~