This is a blog written by me (Margit) and my best friend Ida. We are to girls, 22 and 21 years old living in different sides of the world. We have been friends for over 7 years and will write about our days, good and bad, we will write about tips, inspiration, probably everything. So now, over to introduction.

Margit: I am 22 years old. I live in Trondheim Norway where i have an apartment by myself and work at cafe (which i probably love too much since i’m here all the time, even when i dont work). I love shopping, a bit too much,  I love to read books but do it to rarely. I smoke way to much but i am trying to quit even tho I kind of love it and feel like Audrey Hepburn  and a sexy french lady every time I smoke a cigarette. I love to bake cookies and cupcakes and eat chocolate and dream about owning my own cafe one day and do something big. I’m a coffeholic, I drink so much coffee so when I don’t drink coffee I get a migraine that goes away as soon as I have a cup of coffee. I love reading blogs, watch series and movies and dress up in cute clothes.  You will get to know me more the more i write!


Ida: I’m 21, I live in Oklahoma, USA.I  live with my parents and attend my first year of college. I love early mornings, reading about the nature of humans, painting and using several hours listening to different kinds of music. I spend to much time of my life analyzing small details of unimportant things, I will try to not do this as much next year! I’m also a coffeholic, I’ve tried switching over to tea, but honesly life is too short not to fill your days with cups of hot coffee in the morning. I dream of having a dream and admire those who actually has one already. I’m always curious about new things and therfore I have a lot of weird imformation in my mind. I belive I’m open-minded and just want to learn about the world around me, so I might write about weird stuff.




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