Disclaimer; I’m definitely not an expert in this area, this is simply a place I need to rant and pour out my own experiences, thoughts and emotions. 

I’m pro-choice. And no, that does not mean I’m pro- abortions.

I’m for women having full control over their own bodies, to make their own decisions and I trust they know what’s best for themselves; not me, not you, nor them, should make that choice for her. I’m strongly against women and men shaming other women or men for their personal choices, when it’s their body, their life. It’s not your body that’s changing, you’re not going to raise her child, you’re not going to pick up the hospital bill. I’m all for planned parenthood. I’m all for women having children when they WANT to. That means, having a child when they’re ready, they can afford it. Or to have an abortion when they’re not ready.

Women become slaves of reproduction. When women are denied, limited to, and or out of control over their own reproductive health. Our bodies suddenly does not belong to us anymore. We have to carry a baby, our bodies will change, we will miss work or school, everyone will see that you’re pregnant, it will hurt (a lot). No one should be able to make that choice for you, it’s your body and you’re the one that has to live with it.


A child should be wanted, not forced. I have mad respect for those that have it figured out, they want kids, they’re pregnant and so happy. It’s their choice to have a baby, they’re looking forward to raising a child and to have a family. Awesome. Just to put things in perspective; What if that would be something she could not chose? (I’m aware that in some cases this can happen if the child is literally killing her own mother, but that’s a whole other issue I’m not very educated on) What if she wasn’t allowed to have this child? And they would force her to have an abortion? That would be crazy, right? That’s what forcing someone to carry a child and give birth is to me, it’s fucked up. I see pro-lifers rage over abortions, calling it murder. One unborn child is not more important than a living, human soul. To protect something that’s not even born yet over the womans life is dehumanizing and it’s degrading women. It’s like telling them that their lives does not matter. When a woman is not ready to have a child, that’s a valid reason not to have one, for the rest of their lives. You’re putting a value in that child, until the child is born. After that, you’re not going to pay for that child’s food, education or healthcare, what if the mother does not have a job, or parents or help to support this child, what kind of life is that. Forcing someone to give birth and raise a child is hurting both of them. So are you really pro-life?



I’m originally from a country where abortions are legal, funded, and accessible. I moved to Oklahoma a year ago, where they have, I think, a total of two abortion clinics. People here are trying to shut down planned parenthood (whom offers a lot of help, for reproductive health, sexually transmitted diseases, birth control and abortion) This is a highly religious state and there’s so many unresolved social issues. My love goes out to those struggling with trying to get an abortion. I needed to write about this and will write more about it, it’s a very important issue and I feel like this is stepping over basic human rights.