Everything and nothing

Well…this blog is really…active…


It’s 27 July 2016, i’m in bed in my favorite summer sweater, its 00:35 AM and everything is quiet. The heat wave has gone away and been replaced with masses of rain, we can finally breathe again. My migraine is over, but my tiredness is still here. I worked from 7:30 til 13:00 and then just spent the day hanging at work while my boss was working. The weather was warm and nice and suddenly the sky turned black and out of nowhere there came a storm which lasted 5 minutes, enough to get me soaking wet while cleaning up everything the wind had blown down and spread everywhere. I got home at 18:00, i fell asleep, slept til 21:45, had lots of weird dreams, woke up angry because i had to pee but i just wanted to continue sleeping. I got out of bed, realized that my fridge was empty and out we go. The streets where crowded, people everywhere, Bruce Springsteen had a concert in my city today! buses where bringing people home, ambulances where arriving, (alcohol you know and crowded places). My basket got filled with lactose free milk, orange juice, yogurt, cheese etc, my fridge is only pretty when it’s filled up even tho i hardly eat the food.  Now, i’m sitting in bed, drinking coca cola from those ugly metal boxes, i hate them. They make it taste weird. I’m Listening to Spotify, the autumn list even though it’s still two months left, but the music is so pretty and nothing is wrong with a head start. I want to read a book, or a magazine, but i also just want to play with my phone… I want to clean my room but I also just want to sleep, dilemmas everywhere…


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Maybe I should just sleep.


  • Margit.

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