Summer, life…Coffe..

It’s finally summer here in Norway, it is so warm it’s impossible to sleep, working gets a bit harder since the cafe is so warm but I just love all of it. The warmth, the sun, the pretty colors, the happy people, the tasty drinks, Ice tea, coffee, ice coffee, everything is just YUM!

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I swear, nothing is better than coffee, I think maybe my addiction is getting a bit stronger these days, but eh, no biggy.

What i love most on my life, is to go to a cafe, order a coffee, sit at a table, either outside or inside, and sit there and relax, most times I blog while sitting there since it gives me so much inspiration rather then when i’m blogging at home, like now, and my posts are just shit.There are so many people, different people, but yet the same, they are all there to get there daily dose of caffeine, students, workers, office people, tired parents etc. Grandparents taking their grandchildren out for soda and buns, sitting there drinking coffee while listening to the children’s fascinating stories about what happened in school or in their dreams, or telling the children about the time when they to where young, how time has changed trough the years from then to now.  A group of girls giggling and studying in the corner, different hairstyles, different outfits, different personalities but all human, sitting there drinking their coffee and socializing. I like to think that all the coffee shops in the world holds different stories about every human. Heartbreak, reunion, blind dates, gatherings, regulars,tired students, people struggling with daily life, new employees, old employees, old coffee, new coffee. And it’s so beautiful, don’t you think?

Some people think that coffee is just coffee, but seriously coffee is so much more than that. Coffee sort of brings us all together. When i go to meet my dad we usually go for a cup of coffee, my friends, we are all addicted to coffee, at family gathers I always get the message “Remember the coffee! it wont be the same without you know <3″. As for me, I usually need coffee to even be able to communicate with others when i get up. My best friend told me that every time I slept over, I would always wake up confused, i would sit there and trying to remember how one is supposes to eat food, she could ask me questions and I would just look at her like ” are you crazy, trying to talk to me now? i don’t even know where i am” and she would laugh, hand me a cup of coffee and sit there quiet til I woke up and managed to actually behave like a human being. So yes. Coffee is much important. And no one can tell me otherwise.

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