8 things i’ve learned about life

So I’ve lived on this earth for 21 years now, I’ve made a lot of mistakes ( I like to think I have indeed learned from them) and I have experienced triumph! Over the last couple of days I looked back at some things that I wished I knew earlier, maybe some of this wisdom can help a fellow twenty-something. So let’s get right in to it!

1. Always embrace your own uniqueness


I know everyone tells us to be who we are, but it’s easy to forget sometimes. Embrace your quirks because that’s what makes you, YOU. It’s a terrible feeling not to fit in, or be like everyone else, but remember you are awesome just the way you are, don’t let anyone take that away from you.

2.Have fun


Wake up and dance to your favorite song, you don’t need a reason. You don’t need to wait for a party or christmas, allow yourself fun and smile!

3. Never forget your dreams


Life does become stressful and we naturally start going into auto-pilot mode. Remember what you wanted to be, remember where you wanted to go and do it.

4.Never cut your bangs while half asleep or drunk


What? I’ve never done that. It was a friend..

5. Relationships comes and goes but friends are for life


It’s easy to forget or not make enough time for your friends while you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, but set aside time for them, some of the greatest relationship you’ll ever have is with your friends.

6.Eat before you do something important


Seriously. This is a my new motto and I really like it. When I don’t eat before making a decision or have to do something important, it usually does not end very well.

7. Don’t dwell about your past


Things happen. You made mistakes. Someone else did. It’s important to move on from pain in the past and process it, but don’t let it make you miserable or exhausted.

8.This is your life, you are in control


Do what feels right for you, do what makes you happy. Some people will always be judgemental. At the end of the day, the only judgement that matters, is yours.




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