When life literally feels like a rollercoaster.

These days my life literally feels like a roller coaster. I finally got a job and I am so happy for that, at the same time I got my heartbroken by the person I love, for the second time, or third time, and I hope this was the last time. I feel bored and busy at the same time, alone, not alone. So many feelings at the same time, i don’t get it. I feel so happy and so sad. Thankfully I know the pain will go over, I will get over him and I will move on and I’m so looking forward to it. I’m focusing on my job, saving up money for my own apartment (i live with roommates now). I am saving up money so I can go visit Ida in Oklahoma. I think that this year might finally be my year! My new job is as a Barista at Dromedar coffeshop in Trondheim. It’s the most amazing place and i love working there, and i am learning so much about coffee, which i think some people will hate me for because now i constantly talk about coffee, hehe. Coffee in my ❤

So since i am now finally have a salary, I’m a looking at stuff to buy (I love buying stuff)



Aaah I love all these so much! ❤

And while i’m looking forward to being able to buy them I’m waiting for this cutie to arrive


can’t wait!


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