So yeah

Hi! I’m currently sitting on the floor with 5 books around me, a big mess of papers and a big cup of tea rightly placed on top of it. I’m trying to do my Norwegian homework and it’s just mission impossible: uncut edition. I want to write about something, but also everything else. Every time I try to write a paper all my other thoughts just get mixed in, and I love it too much. So it’s no wonder why I always hear that ”hey, you write way too messy, and also, your grammar is terrible”. So yeah. I’m trying to organize my thoughts, it’s super difficult. I want to turn down the difficulty. I want to play life on easy mode.


(A very nice lunch)

But I gotta focus, I can’t turn down the difficulty, I can’t keep procrastinating. Life would probably feel less awesome on easy mode. Get everything handed to you and you don’t really have to fight, and when you do it’s overkill. I’ve been playing alot of fallout 4 and battlefront 2 latley, since it’s so nice to escape there, If it gets too hard and I die, I just respawn at the most current saving point. What if life was that way? Oh you screwed up badly, let’s just respawn you. We would be experts at mastering life. Anyways, I’m rambling. I shall go and do my homework before it’s too late.



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