Lately I haven’t been feeling quite like myself. Im tired all the time, I go trough the day on autopilot, just waiting for the time when I can go back to bed again. I realized a few days ago that a big part of feeling like yourself is to take care of yourself, feeling happy about yourself and who you are. Now, this can be really difficult, and it is impossible to feel happy about yourself everyday, we will always have those down days we’re we just feel like shit, and that is normal and OK. But to make those days + everyday feel just a tiny bit better, I went crazy at lush (for me, a few products is crazy since I don’t have a job yet and therefor is broke).

What the hell is lush?! You might think, is it a slushie, a weird word for sushi? Or what. Now I expected everyone to know about lush since it is everywhere, almost all beauty youtubers and vloggers talks about lush. Because lush is amazing, of course.

Since i am to tired to write about everything about lush and how amazing they are you can watch this:

Ah lush ❤ And the British dialect!

Now. My favorites so far.

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Ocean Salt: Excellent for oily skin. Peels and softens the skin and makes you feel fresh and soft.

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Mask Of Magnaminty: I can’t remember all the ingrediens, i just know it is filled with all that is good for you and your skin. This mask is my favorite. It smells delicious and if you have acne skin it is amazing for it!

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Tea Tree water: This is a face toner, I use it as a facemist as well to feel fresh trough the day. You can read about its amazingness on the photo.

2016-02-23 07.43.11 2.jpg

Toothy Tabs!: These tabs makes it so much more fun to brush your teeth! I used to hate brushing my teeth and was so lazy at doing it, but then I tried these, and now I cant wait to fresh up my mouth in the morning and evening (sometimes i do it 3 times a day, shhh). This one is minty fresh, but you can buy so many other flavors. And I suggest that you do it ASAP.

I am not paid to write about this. I don’t even think LUSH knows about me. I just wanted to tell you all about this amazing skin care brand. Because they are 100% clean, vegan and yummy (not yummy in the eating way, it’s soap, don’t eat it unless it says you can eat it)

Hope you try and hope you love it as much as me, or more, just dont end up to broke to buy food.

  • Margit.

Days are ticking by but I’m standing still


My days consists of reading and even more reading, I can’t seem to stop being curious-but I also can’t seem to remember the interesting words I try to read. They travel from the tip of my fingers, to my eyes and then finally into my brain where the words will stay comfortable for a couple of hours or so and then eventually leave. As the days go by as leaving my hands like quicksand I can feel the fear in my body grow.


I spend most of my days in the library at campus or on the floor of my bedroom. It’s not like I’m learning nothing, but sometimes it feels like that. Never stop being curious~



So yeah

Hi! I’m currently sitting on the floor with 5 books around me, a big mess of papers and a big cup of tea rightly placed on top of it. I’m trying to do my Norwegian homework and it’s just mission impossible: uncut edition. I want to write about something, but also everything else. Every time I try to write a paper all my other thoughts just get mixed in, and I love it too much. So it’s no wonder why I always hear that ”hey, you write way too messy, and also, your grammar is terrible”. So yeah. I’m trying to organize my thoughts, it’s super difficult. I want to turn down the difficulty. I want to play life on easy mode.


(A very nice lunch)

But I gotta focus, I can’t turn down the difficulty, I can’t keep procrastinating. Life would probably feel less awesome on easy mode. Get everything handed to you and you don’t really have to fight, and when you do it’s overkill. I’ve been playing alot of fallout 4 and battlefront 2 latley, since it’s so nice to escape there, If it gets too hard and I die, I just respawn at the most current saving point. What if life was that way? Oh you screwed up badly, let’s just respawn you. We would be experts at mastering life. Anyways, I’m rambling. I shall go and do my homework before it’s too late.