Winter break

I think winter season and christmas is my favorite part of the year. There’s always this kind of magic in the air and you get to sit inside with a book and music while it’s cold outside. You get all of these messages from people you haven’t heard from in a while and you get to spend some hours to put togheter a present or a card to show people that you care for them. It’s a season to eat a lot of food and try alcohol you don’t really like while your relatives laughs at your facial expressions. I think about how I will make my own traditions in the future and what I will do better next year.


I’ve spent most of my days with friends and family and also sitting inside my room painting stuff and driking coffee. I never ever thought it would snow here in oklahoma since it’s been so hot outside. But snow fell over 3 days and winter became even better.


It’s also a season of sadness, a beautiful kind of sadness. At least for me, most of the tragic events have happend late november, but then the magic of christmas and new years comes around and saves me every time. So thank you winter for lifting me up, giving me a fresh start every year.


Come to life



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